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news - analysis - commentary   Iraq after Saddam - war on terrorism - Middle East conflict : critical perspectives

Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation.
... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...

Steve Bradenton Cartoons

Bitchy politics, culture critiques, manners, morals & random thoughts served with hot chicken soup & a loaded .45 caliber handgun in the apron pocket.

David Neiwert, freelance journalist       A jingo is not a patriot...

Sally likes the Worried Shrimp...

The drieuxster's Happy Land   The drieuxster's Happy Land

HA, HA! great stuff

Reporting On Truth, Justice And The American Way Of War

just call the bootheel clicking toadies!

Pundit Pap

new progressive Internet magazine

It's my right to be left of center

because there are just too many scandals to remember


James Wolcott... Brilliant!

the one and only Steve Bell

Free Speech: Use it or lose it!

Hard Pencil Wit from Charles Fincher


The Worried Shrimp is just a prawn in a much BIGGER game...   Politics, Humor, Fine Tequila...


BIG TIME! check it out

more political savy than limbaugh, savage and hannity combined   HOT! new animator CHECK IT OUT!


building a progressive governing majority in America...

How Would a Patriot Act?

John Amato’s virtual online magazine…

trenchant blog

fire dog lake

Robert Jeffers excellent blog

Be an Informed Voter

News, Politics, Religion, Rants, Ideas

IMPEACH bush... why? because he's AWOL!!!

news, politics, arts

Distrusting governments since 1984

I don't have to support the MORON. I'm an American not a JOCKSTRAP!
Bob Witkowski Commentary and Photography

Graphic Flysheets   Commentary, Essays and Articles by Michael Hammerschlag

The time has come for some truth...   on the Issues...

GREAT SITE!  News, Brain Droppings and links to the progressive community

News With Honor, Morals, Integrity, And Shit Like That

Joshua Micah Marshall

 An expressly multinational platform, facilitating communications across the Atlantic...  is meant to facilitate communications across the Atlantic amongst those contemporaries who are concerned about current U.S. policy.

Jo Fish fair and balanced  blog

   Polls, Commentary, Links... go for it!

defending freedom in the digital world   Electronic Freedom Foundation... CHECK IT OUT!


  Examine:Click for Post Turtle Toons  Political Toons...

connecting the dots of 9-11   WAR news updated frequently...   

A FIRST AMENDMENT ZONE Original Cartoons and indispensable links for all patriotic Americans

Wit is educated insolence,   check some out @   foremost social satirist

Have a look at the new    ITS SCARY... pass it on!    for CHICKEN HAWKS!   

Mythologies, Fairytales and Folklore...

Question Authority!.. for that matter question TWS.   the good the bad and especially the UGLY news...

An independent media source correcting the distorted preceptions provided by the commercial media

political comedy on a brown paper bag

Anticipate, Experience, Remember...   political commentary by Jesse Berney

Check it OUT!   Great Stuff! HAVE A LOOK!   

Hectic man Hectic!...   Putting the yellow back in journalism

For Wicked Sidesplitting Toons! visit the prolific   HILARIOUS!

Perhaps not the sharpest crayon in the box but even on a bad day TWS is keener than Dubya ...Read BuzzFlash Now!

Considering the subject matter (Dubya) no wonder folks think TWS is on DRUGS!        Over-The-Top political cartoons. no apologies.

   CHECK'M OUT!   

TWS is merely rebelling against the current KAKISTOCRACY!   Pissed Off Opinions, No Sugarcoat

Creative Resistance   Magazine, Campaigns, Creative Resistance... CHECK IT OUT!   

is a guerilla shrimp in a savage CyberSea...   Comics and Columns

pressing issues subject to examination and debate
   Quality journalism, dependable research.

News, Views, Activism and a smattering of something else...     RUMINATE THIS!

See:Our Pathetic Crusader in ChiefPolitical Toons...

Among the less virtuous personal pages ... An Example of Artistic Moral Malaise on the Internet... William 'PURITY' Bennett - Draft Dodging Dean of American Virtue...

One of the older 'all parody all the time' 
sites...  TWS is Nothing less than an apparatus of artful circumlocution...  

VERY entertaining, have a look at Steve Monaco's weblog   a part of the Twin Cities Babelogue

We distort, You abide   The most powerful smell in the news...

Celebrity Slide Show and illustrated stories   the brilliance of Michael Dare

Hey Dubya Make Jobs not WAR!   Definitely worth checking OUT!

WTF is it NOW? - because its always something...   Ha, Ha, Ha, great blog!

TWS is showing off again... visit the   Congressional staffers who provide nationwide laughs for millions!

VOTER ALERT!  Tools for trade... defending democracy... one vote at a time!  

Dismal dialog from the GOP's best effort you gotta check out   strained english that defines our selected Moron-in-Chief

   It's HOT!

If that critter is not careful his PLUCK may run out!..  a real American Draftdodging GASBAG!

Rush THE CYST Limbaugh - a REAL american COWARD and Blowhard, daggering the Worried Shrimp! - a courageous international crustacean...

Check Out the  it gets worse... much worse...  Political Toons...

relentlessly mocking the ditto monkeys...   Visit the Mistress of Political Toons!

What we have here is 'Critique Creep'... lets just say TWS has issues and obviously needs some therapy...   America's Best Political Newspaper

  ... we now know that somewhere on the Cyber SeaBed lurks a worried shrimp... prepared it seems to hook, catch and virtually embarrass our national leaders... Ari Fleischer

TWS salutes authentic journalism...    Examine    decentralized slingshot army of information

Check out these great TOONS!..     Great Politoons here! check'em out

Crusading Chicken Hawk Hypocrisy... Levity that smacks of truth ...
Thanks for the laugh ...   
Truth & ConsequencesMust Read!

Visit:Behold The Chicken ShitsPolitical Toons...

I see the Post Turtle Toons as a whimsical effort to inject some comic character relief to an otherwise witless and uncomfortably unqualified for ANYTHING Ex-governor of Texas...       Colin Powell

A real Battler!..   MediaWhoresOnline

The superfluous is very necessary   Breaking news from the progressive community

Cut and Paste dreck from a Worried Shrimp NITWIT!   Investigative journalism at its BEST

The stylus is more potent than the claymore   the essays of Zepp Jamieson

I dare say he's not well... but the cute little shrimp is SpotOn! about that moralizing Draft Dodger Bill Bennett...    Mrs. Barbara Bush - worried about the Worried Shrimp

Great Stuff! A Courageous World Wide Angler is the Worried Shrimp...    James Carville

A Cyber Troll of the basest kind...   no wonder this sorry isopod is worried!
Mary Matalin Carville

Evildoers worth watching...its your patriotic duty to watch these characters...Political Toons...

Ineluctable Fate? or God's Retribution...God is NOT KIND!Political Toons...

Summoned or not,   the shark comes...   You Gotta Check these dudes out...

Political cartoons with a flair for the weird and a touch of dementia. Almost like REAL politics.just go there...

an anthropomorphic IDIOT!   another fine site...

Where would Christianity be if Jesus got 15 years with time off for good behaviour?...         profound Christian advice...

Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light...  Bob Somerby's superb site

The Worried Shrimp is foul hooking the forces of evil...  Progressive Political Analysts

TWS, hiding behind heaven's order in a grain of sand.       Pagan Mind Candy

AWOL Dubya! $2000 Reward!   Earn $2000 No Shit!

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong   Voltaire great forums splendid articles...

Enjoy Madeleine's satirical Dubya's Dayly Diary   Humor Columnist raising Kane!

The words of truth are always paradoxical         READ:   enormous Dubya Database

Political Paintings, Poetry, Democracy   Earth Citizen Alert!    HAS IT ALL!

The Worried Shrimp's
Political Cyber Bytes include...
Real American Draft Dodgers
Real American Cowards

Real Amerikan Cowards

Behold the character of the Christian Right

see the moralist

The Picto Parasitic Pixel Prodding PEST!

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