Evil Doers worth watching Ineluctable Fate? or God's Retribution

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National ID for the Spawn of the Pro War Movement


Bill Bennett

Dick Cheney


Rush the Cyst Limbaugh



Trent Lott

George Will

Elliot Abrams

Tom Delay

Dick Armey

Chris Matthews

Bill O'reilly

Tim Russert

Jihad Falwell

Ken Starr

Newt Gingrich

Michael Reagan

Karl Rove

Clarence Thomas

Bill Kristol

Dennis Hastert

Pat Buchanan

Bob Barr

Gary Bauer

Dan Quayle

Mark Racicot

P.J. O'Rourke

Tommy Thompson

Michael Medved

Antonin Scalia

Fred Barnes

Roger Ailes

Spencer Abraham

Paul Harvey

Steve Forbes

Jack Kemp

Don Evans

John Engler

Vin Weber

Don Nickles

Charles Heston

Jeb 'the privileged' Bush

Charlie Daniels

Ted Nugent

Michael Savage