Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Worries Camera Strap... 

Since the advent of the cross shoulder hip slung camera R-Strap, many photographers have been seeking ways to modify it. In its earliest form the R-Strap had a weak link which caused a few cameras to hit the deck... Others preferred to attach the camera from a corner lug rather than the tripod mount utilized by the R-Strap. Many reckoned the R-strap too expensive.

One Fella Roger Muzungu Moore, an adventurer among adventurers came up with a tidy low cost solution.

Take a moment to check out Moore's video which succinctly shows how to use the strap here.

I just love that Clandestine Hip Shot.

Anyway the DIY folks abound. Here are just a few of the people pursuing this tantalizing project.

Stephen Schaub has the Y-strap.

While Professional Photographer Duncan Davidson is busy hacking the R-Strap.

Here also is an illuminating post about the R-Strap. which includes videos and comments.

Well... I couldn't resist having a go at this project myself.

So enter Le Hook!

These puppies start out at 50mm in length, weight 7 grams and have a load capacity of 50KG! Pretty impressive for such a compact design... plus they swivel...

OK... let's get started. With the exception of Le Hook (I ordered a couple many moons ago) and a shoulder pad from a Tamrac N-46 camera strap the rest of the items I got at REI.


After observing my work Matt over at flickr recommended a sling mount stouter than the fragile plastic web rings. You can get them here. I promptly high-graded a pair of these LOK-DOWN Swivels from my old rifle Bob. Thanks for a great tip Matt. Also I've replaced the side locking cam buckle with a heavy duty Superlocâ„¢ Buckle. This omits completely an accidental release.

Absolutely Skookum! This is about as practical a combination of hardware as can be found.

About a half an hour to assemble and sew. I've been advised that a well equipped cobbler can apply an extremely strong 'Bar Tack' stitch if one is so inclined. However, I can't easily relinquish my sock mending, sail sewing, commercial fishing ways...

It's easy to clip on a different camera.

This is the configuration I now use most of the time.

I find that mounting from the bottom with a QR plate I have better control of the camera and no straps infringing on either side.

To hide the hook and positive locking mechanism cut off a hunk of 1/2 inch tubular webbing, melt the ends and slide over the swivel thusly...

Ideas Welcomed.

Happy Trails...


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