Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Worries Camera Strap... 

Since the advent of the cross shoulder hip slung camera R-Strap, many photographers have been seeking ways to modify it. In its earliest form the R-Strap had a weak link which caused a few cameras to hit the deck... Others preferred to attach the camera from a corner lug rather than the tripod mount utilized by the R-Strap. Many reckoned the R-strap too expensive.

One Fella Roger Muzungu Moore, an adventurer among adventurers came up with a tidy low cost solution.

Take a moment to check out Moore's video which succinctly shows how to use the strap here.

I just love that Clandestine Hip Shot.

Anyway the DIY folks abound. Here are just a few of the people pursuing this tantalizing project.

Stephen Schaub has the Y-strap.

While Professional Photographer Duncan Davidson is busy hacking the R-Strap.

Here also is an illuminating post about the R-Strap. which includes videos and comments.

Well... I couldn't resist having a go at this project myself.

So enter Le Hook!

These puppies start out at 50mm in length, weight 7 grams and have a load capacity of 50KG! Pretty impressive for such a compact design... plus they swivel...

OK... let's get started. With the exception of Le Hook (I ordered a couple many moons ago) and a shoulder pad from a Tamrac N-46 camera strap the rest of the items I got at REI.


After observing my work Matt over at flickr recommended a sling mount stouter than the fragile plastic web rings. You can get them here. I promptly high-graded a pair of these LOK-DOWN Swivels from my old rifle Bob. Thanks for a great tip Matt. Also I've replaced the side locking cam buckle with a heavy duty Superlocâ„¢ Buckle. This omits completely an accidental release.

Absolutely Skookum! This is about as practical a combination of hardware as can be found.

About a half an hour to assemble and sew. I've been advised that a well equipped cobbler can apply an extremely strong 'Bar Tack' stitch if one is so inclined. However, I can't easily relinquish my sock mending, sail sewing, commercial fishing ways...

It's easy to clip on a different camera.

This is the configuration I now use most of the time.

I find that mounting from the bottom with a QR plate I have better control of the camera and no straps infringing on either side.

To hide the hook and positive locking mechanism cut off a hunk of 1/2 inch tubular webbing, melt the ends and slide over the swivel thusly...

Ideas Welcomed.

Happy Trails...


Beautiful work putting together such an elegant design.

One question, though... which of the "Le Hook" sizes did you use?


Thank you.

I got the K50 hooks several years ago and they are the ones pictured in my blog, however i notice the Le Hook site now has a slightly shorter hook called the Cady which has the same tensile strength as the K50 I think if i were to order again i might use the Cady. After all 50KG (110 lbs) is a lot of strength and should handle any camera with attachments.


Here are a few low-cost simple straps I put together. One is made from a $4 dog leash!

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