Monday, March 13, 2006

Tying one on... 

Here is an image step-thru illuminating the construction of a Frantic Fry.

Frantic Fry configurations are endless. I began this one with a mustad 3366 size 6 and add a few wraps of lead - optional.

I use a fine monofilament thread to secure the lead and anchor a bit of holographic gold tinsel. This will produce a shiny body that's visible through the synthetic hair.

I've clipped a bit of white super hair and fussed with it to taper both ends.

Here are the rest of the materials I'll use to make this particular fry.

Some Pearl Green Lite-Brite

Peacock Green Angle Hair (I'm pretty sure Lite-Brite also comes in peacock)

Holographic Silver Lite-Brite.

Prismatic and 3D stick-on eyes.

Commingle some pearl green lite-brite with the super hair.

Lay it on the bottom side of the hook about 60/40... sixty percent aft and forty percent forward. Snug it down good.

Wrap forward almost to the eye then pull the forward bit back upon itself and cinch it down proper.

Okie Dokie... now reposition the hook and carefully pull out any unattached super hair and pearl green lite brite and relay them on top 60/40 again, wrap a couple of times pull back the forward bit and cinch it down well.

Next add just a wee bit of peacock angel hair straight down the back. I've found that just a little bit is VERY visible through the white under belly fibers and the holographic silver on top. The peacock fiber will appear as a wavering dark line down the side of the minnow.

Now I'll crown this varmint with a shot of holographic silver lite brite right down the back, at least double or even triple the amount of peacock angel hair.

Wrap it down snuggly all the way to the eye of the hook; clip off the tag ends and whip finish the wrap. This also is the time to apply a thin cement, or suitable superglue. I don't think the 5-minute epoxy to follow will seep into the threads all the way to the hook.

Now would be the time to wrap on a bit of reddish glo egg yarn on the jowls to mimic fry yoke or gills. Instead I'm going to apply the eyes now. These 2mm gold eyes look about right.

Just stickem' on. Both sides.

Time to mix up some 5-minute A & B epoxy. I find those 'post-it' type tablets the perfect surface to mix on... peel off and throw away.

Take your time and you won't get all the bubbles you see here.

Remember... only you can make it FRANTIC!

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