Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Frantic Fry... 

After studying the creative efforts of Bob Popovics' surf candy and Steve Farrars' wonderful saltwater patterns I became compelled to produce a few synthetic hair minnows of my own. These are diminutive critters dressed on hook sizes 6, 8 and 10's and are intended to target still water panfish and summer smallmouth bass in swift water.

Whether or not they are effective remains to be seen...

Here then are the materials for each creation.

Peacock angel hair back over white superhair mixed with pearl blue hanked Lite-Brite belly on a #8 mustad 3366 hook. Hook shank was prewrapped with red tinsel.

All eyes are from Spirit River, either 3D or prismatic tape on.

Five minute epoxy on heads - twice.

Redfish mix Slinky Blend over white super hair. Hook shank prewrapped with green tinsel. Dai-Riki #270 hook size #10. A bit of egg roe yarn is tied on the underside of head to mimic fry egg sac or gill rakers.

Peacock backed angel hair minnow same as above except on Dai-Riki #710 hook size #8 and gold prismatic tape on eyes.

Hanked Lite-Brite Holographic Silver over white superhair mixed with pearl blue Hanked Lite-Brite belly on a #6 mustad 3366.

If these patterns produce fish I will try tying them on tubes next.



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