Saturday, February 04, 2006

Keeping it Light 

A 4 and 5 weight Signature V series

the Dan Craft Signature V 9' 3 piece 5wt


Blank weight 1.48 oz

ERN 6.49
AA 62

(as reported on the Common Cents Rod Data Site)

Once again I shall use the Bamboo Burl cork. This time a prefashioned cigar grip coupled with just enough BB cork from a spinning handle to accommodate the reel foot. Bellinger Reel Seats have supplied me with a handsome blued slide band and pocket cap crafted by Bill Bennett.

Here are a couple of pictures of my makeshift lathe, a makita 3/8" variable speed drill to which I've mounted an old fiberglass rod blank remnant. I've gorilla glued a long piece of hardwood dowel into the butt end of the blank in order to have something solid for the chuck to clamp on.

Upon this mandrel I have slid my pre-bored bamboo burl handle after carefully winding on a layer of masking tape to grip the cork.

In short order I've sanded the rear portion down to size and pencil marked it for relieving the reel foot ramp.

Now I've slid the lot onto the butt section of the 5wt blank and bonded it with U40 Rod Bond.

Of course I've placed a magic worried shrimp into the rod blank before finishing the fighting butt.

This rod will be wrapped with Pearsall's gossamer silk, dark claret for the guide wraps and white on the female ferrule's for strength.

Let's start with the ferrules. Rather than using a thread tensioner I've merely dropped my spool of silk into a whiskey glass and run the thread lengthwise through a heavy book. The weight from 185 pages seems to apply the perfect tension.

Take care to clean your hands well to avoid contaminating this fine white silk.

Wrap as close to the end of the ferrule as possible.

Klass Kote.

Yes... Instead of my usual LS supreme I'm trying a new epoxy.
Here are the goods necessary for the job.

I tried marking these eye droppers with a sharpie pen but the ink came off when dipped in Klass Kote... My alternative is to put masking tape half way up the droppers. This is a convenient amount to move at a time. In this application I'll use two measures each of parts A and B.

Mix well.


You beauty!

This 5wt blank weighted in at 1.48 oz. guides, cork, glue, hardware and thread come to 1.52 oz

Here is my finished Signature V 4wt with this seasons biggest smallie. The handle is 13" long... you be the judge.

Dan Craft 8'9" 3 piece 4wt - FRSV8943

Blank weight 1.3 oz.

I've built up the same bamboo burl cork handle and slipped on a pair of struble blued nickel ring bands.

here is the handle rod-bonded to the blank before final shaping and sanding.

Here the unfinished bamboo burl.

and now with a coat of Tru-Oil

the running guides are REC single foot recoils.

1 * RSFX #4
1 * RSFX #3
3 * RSFX #2
3 * RSFX#1

the stripper is a fuji TNSG 12

one of the #1 recoil guides broke while I was sanding it so I supplemented a fuji TNSG 10 (just uprod of the stripper) with the forward foot removed.


for the sake of smooth casting and reduced line wear I've elected to straddle the running guides with fuji SIC rings... The tiptop is a fuji TFST 5.5mm ring

This is an OUTSTANDING rod for trout and panfish. The little 4wt didn't wimp out on big smallmouth bass either.

The 4wt blank weighted 1.3 oz all the add on parts came to 1.3 oz.

UPDATE... 9/24/07

Lately the middle ferrule of my Sig V 4wt has been prone to coming loose. While casting recently I inadvertently loaded the rod when the ferrule was loose and this was the catastrophic result. Approximately 3/8" of ferrule split, even with the silk wrap. I've carefully cut the damaged piece off and wrapped and additional hank of black silk over the existing wrap.

I've taken the time to wrap all the ferrules of my Sig V collection.

"part of fishing joy is the ability to argue yourself into happiness"
- old viking saying engraved on a stone in the Orsa Finnmark (Sweden that is)

Good to see you posting again. I also have a Sig V 8'9" 4wt and have been experiencing the same loose middle ferrule issue. I tried ferrule lube and it help somewhat, but it still doesn't hold as well as my other rods. There's one approach using a very thin layer of perma-gloss to build up the male ferrule, but I don't think that is the issue. I think it may be the design of the Sig V ferrule. Any thoughts?

only time will tell. I wish I had a definitive answer for you. I'm a bit concerned about my other 3 piece Sig V's. which is why i reinforced the ferrules with additional wraps. while fishing my sig V 7wt recently the ferrule fit seems as snug as ever, no problems. I'll take my 5wt out and try it soon. It may only be the 4wt's that are effected. I contacted DC last week and await a new middle piece for the damaged 4wt middle section. I've shortened the original piece by approx 3/8" and it doesn't fit any further down, so i fear that shortening it will not solve the problem. it may merely slip off faster. I must do some extended casting with it to find out... meanwhile I'll refit the new mid section when it arrives and pay careful attention to slippage.

I'll post the results here.

Thanks for the info. I've included a recent reply from from Dan Craft regarding the ferrule fit ... "If you roll up a small piece of 320-400 grit sand paper and sand around the inside rim of the female ferrule, you should eliminate your problem. I would recommend a clean, dry ferrule rather than one with any "lube" of any sort. The problem on some of those blanks is that the female ferrule is long and in some cases the finish drools over into the inside of the ferrule. The sanding will usually do the trick but in some cases we have had to shorten the female ferrule so that it fits only on the tapered part of the male ferrule and not onto the built up area. Try the sanding. If the blank has no finish (sanded) you can clean the ferrule with alcohol. If there is a finish, you must use soap and water."


thanks for you valuable feedback. Yesterday I spent over an hour casting with my repaired/modified Sig V 8'9" 4wt. No slippage, no problem. so maybe removing the 3/8" of split ferrule also removed a 'drooled finish'. again time will tell. I was casting in swift water for trout with a size 18 blue dun... I've forgotten how much I LIKE this blank. it's absolutely a beaut. long cast with dries landing light as a feather. just prior to that I was fishing two nymphs with an 'airhead' fly indicator... an ugly bug forward of a smallish egg pattern. Still cast all that crap with ease. My line of choice (can't afford every brand) so far is the Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX...

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