Saturday, October 29, 2005

Get a Grip... 

Because the handle I fashioned for the Dan Craft Fast Taper 8 weight was so comfortable, strong and splendid in every respect I've decided to carry on with this style grip for a DC FT 7 weight and eventually one of his Signiture V 5 weights.

For anyone examining this fly handle construction for the first time I recommend they peruse the preceding post Dan Craft 8 wt in order to see some steps I've purposfully left out here for the sake of brevity.

Notice also that the silver nickle slide band and pocket cap I used for the 8wt has now been recrafted and BLUED by Bill Bennett of Bellinger Reel Seats

Here are two Pacific Bay preformed Bamboo Burl Cork grips that I use to fashion this handle. The top grip is a Full Wells and the lower one is a rear grip for spinning rod. I've shortened the Full Wells grip and saved the rear cut-off portion (see pencil) for attaching later as a fighting butt. I've used only a small section from the narrowest portion of the spinning rod grip, just enough to seat the reel allowing for the butt cap depth and slide band clearance.

Sanding is minimal and in short order I've gotten the reel seat portion of the grip ready for sanding the reel foot ramp.

I've bonded the cork to the blank and began the process of stepping down through sand paper weights to finish finally with a super fine sanding foam from 3M.

The butt cap has been bonded in place.

And the reel fits fine.

Here is the bit I lobbed off the full wells grip, slid on to present a rough idea of the finished handle.

Naturally the time has come to insert a magical Worried Shrimp for good luck.

Here's a handsome one.

Somewhere in the Top End of Australia the Ancient who bewitched the worried shrimp slumbers among the termite mounds.

Happy beneath the milky way.

In she goes... That's right! All the way.

Sealed with a cork plug.

Here are the components to finish the grip end; the orginal piece cut from the full wells grip and a rubberized burl plug I fashioned to fit in the hole.

The cork butt is now permenatly attached with U40 Rod Bond.

Ok... I've bonded the cork butt and began sanding to shape with a coarse paper.

Eventually, I reduce the work to a fine finish.

Time to apply some Tru-Oil

A little down here...

And a bit up top...

In no time the job is finished... and not a bad piece of work.

Notice the blue band... That's the twelve inch mark.

And a winding check too!

The blank weighted 2.1 oz. It appears the cork, thread, guides, hardware, finish and glue amount to 1.8 oz.

Solid as a rock.

Steady On Mate... It's time to go Steelheading.


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