Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dan Craft FT 8 weight... swift water salmon duty 

Time soon for swift water salmon wrestling. My blank of choice this year will be the Dan Craft Fast Taper 8 weight.

The details...


ERN = 10.63

AA = 73


4 Piece

8 Line Weight

4.5 Tip Size

0.415 Butt O.D.

Blank Weight 2.5 oz.

I've elected once more to use the Pacific Bay Bamboo Burl
preformed cork handles. In this case a Full Wells handle extended with a portion of their 7" rear grip spinning handle.

The friendly folks over at bellinger reel seats have supplied me with a nickled silver slide band and pocket end cap drilled to fit the blank.

Now this is a very simple straightforward project, just a little sanding gets me here.

So far so good. Everything seems to fit and I've marked the area to be sanded for receiving the reel seat.

Pretty cool, huh?

In no time I've gotten the cork handle sanded, fit and bonded to the blank with U-40 Rod Bond . Care was taken to align the reel seat to the blanks spline.

OK... time for some magic.

You know... My magical Worried Shrimp. The very Special ones that were blessed by an Ancient on the outback coast of Australia so many years ago. The ones that possess the ability to come to life when touched by water. The very ones that are hidden in caves all over the world.

Here's a plucky one.

Well lets seal the critter up with some additional bamboo burl cork.

I'll remove the bulk of the cork mass with my handy dremel tool and fine shape the fighting butt with file and sand paper.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Here are some pictures after a single coat of Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil has been applied and the reel attached.

Lets examine for a moment my guide selection, the size and type with images.

How bout 10 Fuji guides.

From Stripper to running guides they are.

1 NSG #20
1 TNSG #16
1 TNSG #12

As usual every guide foot is sanded and polished and laid upon a fine black silk thread underwrap. Additionally I've wrapped each female ferrule up as far as 1/4" beyond the depth the male ferrule inserts. Finally, I've landed a guide on every ferrule.

I've TipTopped this rod with a Fuji TILGT 7MM Ring.

Well, the blank weighted 2.5 oz. It appears the cork, thread, guides, finish, hardware and glue amount to 1.7 oz.

Lets go tussle up some salmon.

Next blank?

Anybody got an extra TCR sage 5wt?

She'll be laughin' mate.


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