Thursday, January 27, 2005

Handle construction continued... 

The handle is now permanently attached to the rod blank.

Despite the fact that I scuffed the inside surface of the aluminum reel seat and adhered it to the handle with Rod Bond I just don't trust the free floating fitting to hold over a long period of time, especially since the part will receive substantial rearward torque every time I lock down the reel. Since the threaded tube has no lip against which to seat I've decided to reinforce it. First I've created a simple sanding tool, a stick with medium grit paper glued to it. With this sanding stick I've relieved a portion of rubberized cork handle just behind the reelseat.

I will fill this portion of the handle with rubberized cork tape thus creating a hard stop. In addition to the adhesive on the cork tape I've also supplemented the glue with Rod Bond epoxy.

The time has arrived to insert a Worried Shrimp (tm) into the butt end of the rod blank. With this token I usually include a bit of a yarn...

And of course a Worried shrimp... How bout this critter?

In she goes...

now a burl cork seal...

A final rubberized cork ring is bonded in place and ready for shaping.

Here are the results after sanding.

next comes the static guide placement...

After attaching the guides the total weight of rod is 3.7 oz.

Next up will be a Dan Craft Fast Taper series 3 wt rod.



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