Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ABS pipe fishing rod case 

ABS plastic pipe and pipe components can be found at most hardware stores.

At a fabric store get a length of rubberized matt, Cut a length several inches longer than the pipe. Cut the width to allow for a 1/4-inch overlap. Carefully feed the rubberized matting into the pipe and pull straight to align the overlapped edges. Using balloons to apply pressure five-minute epoxy the rubberized matt at either end of the pipe to a depth of approximately five inches or as far down as you can apply the glue. After the expoxy sets up use a sharp knife to trim the matt flush with the pipe ends.

Place a piece of thick sponge or quality foam in a pipe cap and carefully slide the cap onto the end of your pipe covered with ABS cement. This is all that is necessary to secure the sponge or foam in the base of your rod case.

Glue a fine circular facial sponge into the removable cap end. Now both ends and the interior walls of the pipe are rendered soft for rod protection.

Drill holes in the cap end and pipe side to accommadate a stout cord. Tie a knot in the ends thusly.

For added protection you can use a rod sock.

These are sturdy rod cases and won't let you down. I've got several that are over twenty years old.


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