Sunday, September 05, 2004

Finishing touches... 

After filling the pits in the handle I lightly sand the cork to get the smoothest finish possible.

I've dribbled a small amount of Tru-Oil on the forgrip, working it into the cork with my finger. Carefully cover the entire handle.

Several coats make the cork vibrant.

Using small rubber bands to attach the guides I develope the proper spacing and alignment.

My favorite thread tensioning tool is a stack of books… adjust as necessary.

The guides are strong and light weight. I am utilizing fuji single foot SiC concept guides sizes 6 through 8 for the fore section and double foot sizes 10 and 12 for the butt section. The titanium frames are so well crafted that deburring is not necessary. I’ve elected to place an under wrap beneath all the guides. In this instance I find nylon Gudebrod AA thread in the color garnet to be the best choice. Notice how I’ve utilized the Forhan Locking Wrap to secure the single foot guides.

A bit of masking tape holds the guide in place.

Climbing this fine thread up the foot is a little tricky, if you don't succeed the first time give it another go.

finally the hook holder is sized in place.

The spiral wrap looks good and feels great.

Time for some Flex Coat... part A.

now part B with a dribble of acetone to thin the mixure.

stir well until the epoxy is clear. Btw, now is a great time to fish out all those broken 'adjust-a-bubbles' and other assorted doo dads... surplus flex coat is perfect for repairing shattered plastic.

No drying motor for me yet... so it's hand turning all the way.

a little dab will do ya...

I've applied two thin coats of flex coat allowing 24 hours drying time between applications. When the last coat is cured I will place the blank manufactures decal (loomis) just above the hook holder. On the opposite side of the decal I will attempt to write Sally's name on the blank with a gel pen. Later, when I've found the perfect twine size and color I will try some decorative wraps, perchance a turks head just above and below the reel seat and another at the base of the handle just above the butt cap.

In the meantime Sally's trout rod is ready to FISH!

Next project will be building my All Star blank. It will be a bit more complicated, having the same over-all configuration but with a rattan covered cork handle.

more later,


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