Sunday, August 22, 2004

Carrying on... 

After gluing up the cork rings last week I began sanding the handle into shape.

Sanding both the main length and the butt end to accomadate the fuji butt cap.

I assembled the components to check fit and made marks where I found it necessary to take a little more off...

Next it's time to write up a good fishing hex and insert it into the blank. I use waterproof Rite-In-the-Rain tablet paper.

after inserting the written message/hex I will follow with a Worried Shrimp to give this rod its special magic and power.

and now a Worried Shrimp...

in she goes...

that's right ALL THE WAY!

It's time to finish the butt section by gluing on the last cork rings...

after the rod bond has cured I sand down the butt section to accept the butt cap...


Let's mix up some cork dust and Rod Bond to fill the pits and holes in the cork burl handle...

Mix well... go for the consistency of putty.

This is a gooey sticky MESS! so take your time. I applied by finger, careful to rub the cork dust rod bond mixture well into the pits and cavities.

It's time to glue the whole handle together. As you can see I'm using graphite arbors directly beneath the skeletal reel seats.

And here finally is the completed butt section glued and clamped. I shall finish sanding by hand with fine paper.

Coming next will be the alignment of guides in the revolver fashion.

happy trails!


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Sunday, August 15, 2004

progress finally... 

thanks for bearing with me. I was able this last weekend to devote some time to the creation of this first rod - G. Loomis S783-2 GL3 6'6" 2 piece 4-10 1/8-3/8 FAST MEDIUM.

As stated before this blank will be configured for bait casting. Wasting no time I've reamed out the cork rings, both rubberized and burl and fit them on the butt section to get a feel for the balance and length of handle.

Notice the cork ring insert between the no. 16 pacific bay skeleton reel seat. Since this is a small piece of work I've decide to glue them up first, then sand and shape. Rather than glue them to the blank, I've glued and slid them onto a surplus blank mandrel carefully wrapped with teflon tape.

A few hours later and I'm ready to sand and shape...

I've elected to employ a variable speed 3/8 inch power drill as a lathe. This old section of rod blank mandrel has been reinforced with an insert of wooden dowel. I had misgivings about the stability of the setup but found that it works rather well.

Just a little work and i've got the cork insert nearly perfect. I've used three grades of sandpaper coarse, medium and fine. Have a look.

and now with the Abu Garcia ultra cast 4601 attached...

Up next is the preparation for gluing on the cork rings that make up the 12 inch handle. After splining the lower butt section and making a china pencil mark to record the effective spine I've taken some Ultra fine Mirlon abrasive pad, similar to the scotchbrite recommended by the helpful folks over at Rod Take a moment to read this article on achieving a Water Break Free surface to get an understanding of strong epoxy bonds.

Lightly abrade the blank finish. DO NOT go beneath the finish and into the surface resin.

Above is an image of the entire handle without foregrip. I've left the butt cork off to facilitate mounting the blank to the power drill lathe. This will be achieved by inserting the surplus blank mandrel inside the loomis blank. For traction I will wrap the mandrel with either masking or teflon tape. The three cork rings at the butt are of the rubberized variety and will be covered by a fuji mushroom shaped black butt cap. Note also that I've utilized a rubberized cork ring where the handle meets the reel seat hood, fore and aft.

Time to mix up some U40 Rod Bond.

equal amounts on a surface of aluminum foil to dissipate heat.

Stir well.

Now this gets messy! So have plenty of Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol handy. I find that after placing a half dozen rings on it's necessary to clean off the blank with alcohol. Careful you don't erase the spline mark!

I had rubber gloves on before this finish photo was taken.

finally, it's time to clamp the cork rings for curing overnight.

How's that?

All Righty Then!

Next up... next week...

we'll see if my power drill lathe can accomadate and adequately turn the lower blank for sanding and shaping this rather long handle.

by the way... this is my first attempt at blogging... haven't figured out all the code yet...

if you choose to comment you may do so anonymously... just click on that feature

happy trails...


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